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I just wanted to take this space and explain a little bit about what I do and how I feel about it. Every piece that I do is an expression of my art in wood.

For me, furniture is much more than something we sit on or a place to put our stuff. As with Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture, I believe that the furniture and fixtures in our homes should be an expression of the beauty of our environment.

That is why I don't work with synthetics such as flake board and its like. I use only fine Northeastern lumbers such as cherry, walnut, pine, oak and curly maple. I am passionate about bringing this appreciation of our natural heritage into your home.

I will work closely with you on designing a piece that will utilize your current space in its most functional capacity while enhancing your living environment. The pieces showcased here are all one of a kind originals and are displayed in the hope that they will inspire your imagination.

The photo shown here is of a lodge that I did with extensive decks encircling the building that help bring the outdoors in.